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spring cleaning finds

in doing my spring cleaning, i found an old journal. i suspect i'll find many more. i didn't keep them regularly, for the most part. just whenever i happened to find one, i'd put something in. sometimes i'd just read over it and wax nostalgic. i may put some of my old journal entries (some from high school, some college, some as old as middle and elementary) in this journal to give some idea of what life was like for me growing up. should be interesting. i read about some things i'd forgotten. it was neat to read those old entries again. it's like writing a letter to myself, the me of the future, and now here i am finally getting it.

and again, if anyone has a yard that they would like to volunteer for the USC yard sale, i'd really appreciate hearing from you! and if you'd like to contribute to the yard sale, let me know! it's not too late to jump on the Ultimate Spring Cleaning bandwagon!

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