blazing_jezebel (blazing_jezebel) wrote in ultspringclean,

Drink Love!!

We broke out the Green Goodness last night to try it. It is SOOOO GOOD! I cannot believe how totally yummy this stuff is! It's better than the Berry Boost even! So amazingly good! It didn't taste spinachy or anything to me, just like fresh, sweet fruity goodness!

I will definitely be getting more of that stuff. I'm going to crave it now. Don't let the nasty green color turn you off. It smells every bit as good as it tastes and it is so, so good. It has a very strong, fresh apple and dragon fruit flavor with a little pineapple on the back end. The aftertaste has a hint of banana, but mostly it leaves your mouth feeling clean and tasting fruity. YUM! :)

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