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Ultimate Spring Cleaning winding down!!!

it's the last week of USC and i've done a lousy job of keeping up with the community. i've done a lousy job of cleaning, too! it's that procrastination factor. just can't shake it, i guess.

last weekend, i washed the cat and washed some more clothes. this past weekend, i attacked the closet. found lots of interesting things. man, i just packed up boxes and moved them around from place to place. i actually found some of my sister's elementary school homework. she graduated college this past december. talk about unnecessary. out of 9 boxes i went through, i managed to pile everything i was keeping into one. this week, i attack anything tiled with bleach. i've also gathered some things that would go well at a yard sale. my stepmother is having a yard sale soonish. sis and i both are going to contribute.

and the fast starts at sundown on the 28th. breaks at my apartment sunday may 1. i'm going to start the movie a little earlier than sundown, in order to accommodate people who may need to leave at a decent hour. i'm going to need to get fruit and veggies tuesday or wednesday so i can have plenty of juice when the time comes. i've been trying to eat healthier food beforehand, taking vitamins and whatnot. i figure that will also help in the detoxing process.

all in all, it's coming along better than i thought it would. i'm actually more motivated than i had anticipated. once the ball starts rolling, the momentum keeps me moving. not bad! who knows? maybe i'll have a place worth showing off by the time it's over!

only one week left!
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