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Ultimate Spring Cleaning begins!!!

yesterday marked the first day of the Ultimate Spring Cleaning 2005! i started off by taking all of the clothing out of my closets and washing them. well, okay i washed about half of them. the other half can wait until i get more detergent. i also did a load of dishes and vacuumed the path from the door of my bedroom to my bed and from the bed to the bathroom. also this week, i plan to
  • wash the rest of my clothes, sheets, and etc.
  • bathe the cat
  • clean my wounds from bathing the cat
  • pick up the corner of my room between the bed and the walk-through closet
  • pick up the corner of my room between the bed and the other closet.
  • vacuum that corner.
  • steam clean that corner with the hand-held extractor.
  • clean off the dining room table.
that's going to be quite the busy week. next week, i'm going to start on the boxes in my closet. i think i'm off to a pretty good start!
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