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Ultimate Spring Cleaning

Let's Get It REALLY Clean!

Ultimate Spring Cleaning 2005
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This is the community for those wishing to participate in Ultimate Spring Cleaning 2005!

What is the Ultimate Spring Cleaning about? It's about cleaning out everything in your space! You know you have way more than you need in your living quarters. Now is the time to get rid of it! Too much clutter in your closet? Get it out! Too many toxins in your body? Get them out! Too many demons in your closet? Get them out!

Starting March 20, 2005, I am asking everyone I know to go through their closets and go through all of those boxes and get rid of everything you aren't using and won't use. If it's of no use to anyone, throw it away! If it could be of use to someone, give it to charity. Or you can hold a garage sale and give the proceeds to charity. At the end of USC, there will be a 3 day fast to help cleanse the body of toxins as well as your external living area. The fast will begin at sundown Thursday, April 28, 2005. The break fast will be at sundown May 1, 2005. I am ending my break fast with whoever is willing to come over and watch The Passion of the Christ with me.

Of course, I know not everyone is in the good health to fast. I do not endorse unhealthy fasting or starving yourself or anorexia! I am doing this for spiritual reasons as well as to clean my body out. This is not meant for self-torture. If you are unable to fast, then please do not attempt to do so. I highly recommend you check with your doctor before fasting to make sure you are in proper health. Also do research on fasting before attempting it. Do it smart. Do it safe. If you cannot do it, don't sweat it. Just clean everything else!

Reasons to clean out your living area:
  • It's just taking up so much room you don't have room for new things
  • It's not "feng shui."
  • A cluttered room leads to a cluttered mind
  • You don't really need to hold on to those things your ex gave you, do you?
  • Everything has its own energy and that energy is clogging you up!
  • Think up your own reasons!
Reasons to fast:
  • To remind yourself of the people who starve every day
  • Your body is a temple and the temple is too cluttered
  • The average American has between 7 to 10 pounds of toxins in their system right at this moment! Fasting cleans that out.
  • To take focus away from the worldly attachments and focus on seeking spiritual enlightenment or the presence of God.
  • Plenty more reasons out there!
It's really up to you as to why you do it. I just want you to get motivated to get off your butt and actually clean everything up!

More things you can do during USG 2005!
  • Clean your yard!
  • Organize a neighborhood cleaning party!
  • Offer to clean the house of an elderly or infirmed person who needs the help!
  • Adopt a roadway and clean it up!
  • Volunteer to clean up graffitti and vandalism in your area!
  • Think up new activities and post them here!
Each year, we talk about cleaning up, how we're actually going to get around to that spring cleaning every year. Some even make it a New Year's Resolution. Well, now is the time to actually try to do it! And here's a community to help motivate you along in your activity!

    • Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to do the Ultimate Spring Cleaning. No abusive behaviour or belittling is allowed! To do so will get your butt gnawed on and a hit squad of dust bunnies will visit you in your sleep!
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    • Really big posts should have at least part of it behind an LJ-cut. If you don't know how to do it, check the FAQ. Also, pictures should be behind an LJ-cut. It's just courtesy.
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    • Keep it clean! There's no reason language should be foul here. This is a clean community about cleaning. If you don't know how to control yourself, at least keep it to a minimum.
    • Did I mention no spam?