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Ultimate Spring Cleaning

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explosive Apr. 29th, 2005 @ 08:35 am
that's all i'm going to say. still way off schedule for the house cleaning, but i started the fast last night. my sister was grossed out by the juice i made. it didn't taste bad or anything. she just doesn't like green food. and it was definitely green. i juiced some kale, a carrot, a zucchini, a yellow squash and a radish. i should have left the radish out. i had no idea it would be gone again in two hours. definitely an interesting experience. i brought two 16oz bottles of apple juice and one bottle of grape pear. i also brought my 64oz water bottle with me (finally). it has been sitting on the dining room table for months. i used to bring it with me all the time when i first started this job back in late august. i've been slack. water is good for you. i'm going to need it a lot when i start riding my bike more (once the weather warms back up enough for me to go outside without shivering.

my bathroom sink is now sparkling. now i just have to scrub the rest of the bathroom. i'm not sure what to do about the toilet, however. a cat i once had (had to put her to sleep several months ago) threw up all over the toilet when she was still around. i got most of it up, but it was hard to get in the little crack between the base and the tank. i tried to get some sort of scrubby thing in there, but it's just not thick enough for me to get decent enough pressure to scrape that stuff up. maybe my exfiance's toothbrush can fit in there, but the bristles aren't all that tough. do you guys know of a cleaning substance that eats stuff like that? some sort of neat trick to make it so i just have to wipe gently with a scrub sponge to get that gunk out?

and my next project is to attack the dining room. this is because i've done about as much as i can on my room before guests arrive. hey, i got half of my closet cleaned out! that's an accomplishment! it used to come up to my neck. now it's mostly below waist high. that's a lot of boxes! managed to clean out about 10, i think. and i got about half of the boxes out of the other closet a while back. now it's time to get all of that crap in the living room and dining room dealt with. i should be able to do that before people come over sunday. are you coming, blazing_jezebel? i'm thinking of having people come between 4 and 5. we can hang out some before i start the movie. i figure 6 is a good time to start it. that way it won't be too terribly late when it's over, but close enough to sundown to have popcorn! and if you'd like to bring something, that would be cool. i'm going to be making wheat bread and i'll probably have a veggie tray. i may try to make something out of the pulp i'm saving. i have some orange pineapple pulp i can make into sorbet. i have some veggie pulp that i can probably turn into something. maybe i can make a soup or something. after not having solid foods for 3 days, we're going to want to take it easy. of course, not everyone who will be there will have done that, so i want to have stuff that's appealing to everyone. i'm sure i can wing it. i just wasn't expecting to have this much month at the end of the money. fortunately, i get paid this weekend. any suggestions?
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Ultimate Spring Cleaning winding down!!! Apr. 25th, 2005 @ 09:34 am
it's the last week of USC and i've done a lousy job of keeping up with the community. i've done a lousy job of cleaning, too! it's that procrastination factor. just can't shake it, i guess.

last weekend, i washed the cat and washed some more clothes. this past weekend, i attacked the closet. found lots of interesting things. man, i just packed up boxes and moved them around from place to place. i actually found some of my sister's elementary school homework. she graduated college this past december. talk about unnecessary. out of 9 boxes i went through, i managed to pile everything i was keeping into one. this week, i attack anything tiled with bleach. i've also gathered some things that would go well at a yard sale. my stepmother is having a yard sale soonish. sis and i both are going to contribute.

and the fast starts at sundown on the 28th. breaks at my apartment sunday may 1. i'm going to start the movie a little earlier than sundown, in order to accommodate people who may need to leave at a decent hour. i'm going to need to get fruit and veggies tuesday or wednesday so i can have plenty of juice when the time comes. i've been trying to eat healthier food beforehand, taking vitamins and whatnot. i figure that will also help in the detoxing process.

all in all, it's coming along better than i thought it would. i'm actually more motivated than i had anticipated. once the ball starts rolling, the momentum keeps me moving. not bad! who knows? maybe i'll have a place worth showing off by the time it's over!

only one week left!
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Drink Love!! Mar. 31st, 2005 @ 09:24 am
We broke out the Green Goodness last night to try it. It is SOOOO GOOD! I cannot believe how totally yummy this stuff is! It's better than the Berry Boost even! So amazingly good! It didn't taste spinachy or anything to me, just like fresh, sweet fruity goodness!

I will definitely be getting more of that stuff. I'm going to crave it now. Don't let the nasty green color turn you off. It smells every bit as good as it tastes and it is so, so good. It has a very strong, fresh apple and dragon fruit flavor with a little pineapple on the back end. The aftertaste has a hint of banana, but mostly it leaves your mouth feeling clean and tasting fruity. YUM! :)

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Fasting Advice Mar. 28th, 2005 @ 03:11 pm
This LJ user just completed a fast and she's got some interesting things to say about it, and some brief advice in this last post. I got some prepackaged juices like she recommended - I think I even got the same kind - and I'm looking forward to trying them out as meal replacements a couple of times this week just to get an idea of what I'm in for and what my options are.

Today I'm trying Berry Boost which has the consistency and texture of tomato soup (which I had for lunch) but a very intense berry flavor. Definitely fresh tasting and full of good nutrients, but not too sweet, kind of a little tart and bitter. It's pleasant though and I like it and it's best very, very cold. It's also about all my stomach can take since I've been sick with a stomach virus over the weekend and I'm trying to stick to liquids to start back on food. So far, so good. :)

Mar. 27th, 2005 @ 09:07 pm
My house has a lot of boxes of mixed-up junk.. this weekend I made a big bite in sorting through some of them, the big challenge now is to work out a simple filing system so that I will know where to find things, and then in the days and weeks to come with my decluttering, have a place to put things as I sort through the boxes:)

Hi all Mar. 25th, 2005 @ 01:33 pm
I just joined livejournal yesterday. I had found the Yahoo groups a great motivator in cleaning (see www.flylady.net, but it looks like livejournal might be much quicker and more convenient for reading posts, and especially the fact that it groups together the replies to a person's post, unlike in Yahoo where you have to wallow through them all, without any indicator of who is replying to who's post! Also very easy here to find out who is who, by clicking on their journal link!
Looking forward to getting to know you all!
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spring cleaning finds Mar. 21st, 2005 @ 12:01 pm
in doing my spring cleaning, i found an old journal. i suspect i'll find many more. i didn't keep them regularly, for the most part. just whenever i happened to find one, i'd put something in. sometimes i'd just read over it and wax nostalgic. i may put some of my old journal entries (some from high school, some college, some as old as middle and elementary) in this journal to give some idea of what life was like for me growing up. should be interesting. i read about some things i'd forgotten. it was neat to read those old entries again. it's like writing a letter to myself, the me of the future, and now here i am finally getting it.

and again, if anyone has a yard that they would like to volunteer for the USC yard sale, i'd really appreciate hearing from you! and if you'd like to contribute to the yard sale, let me know! it's not too late to jump on the Ultimate Spring Cleaning bandwagon!

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Happy Spring! Mar. 21st, 2005 @ 09:15 am
I too started The Cleaning this weekend. Mostly what we did was for appearances, but the clutter has been grouped together in my bedroom and the attic. Over the next couple of weeks I want to go through those things and figure out what to keep and what's just crap that really needs to be gotten rid of.

This week though I think I'll be working on the closets. It's time to throw away those clothes that I've been saving for "when I'm that size again." Face it, Me, they're not going to fit soon and even if they do, are they even close to in style anymore? No, they're not. Give it up, let them go and move on with life. Okay?

Ultimate Spring Cleaning begins!!! Mar. 21st, 2005 @ 08:22 am
yesterday marked the first day of the Ultimate Spring Cleaning 2005! i started off by taking all of the clothing out of my closets and washing them. well, okay i washed about half of them. the other half can wait until i get more detergent. i also did a load of dishes and vacuumed the path from the door of my bedroom to my bed and from the bed to the bathroom. also this week, i plan to
  • wash the rest of my clothes, sheets, and etc.
  • bathe the cat
  • clean my wounds from bathing the cat
  • pick up the corner of my room between the bed and the walk-through closet
  • pick up the corner of my room between the bed and the other closet.
  • vacuum that corner.
  • steam clean that corner with the hand-held extractor.
  • clean off the dining room table.
that's going to be quite the busy week. next week, i'm going to start on the boxes in my closet. i think i'm off to a pretty good start!
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i'm not trying to push this, really Mar. 6th, 2005 @ 12:44 am
i'm putting up these links so that i can remember where they are later. anyone who is participating in the fast at the end of april should probably check these out. if you're in the nastyville area and are interested in juicing it, let me know because i should have my juicer by then and i can help you out by making some of these for you. water fasting is not recommended for those who haven't fasted before because it could actually send a person into shock with all the toxins the "western" diet has put in the average adult's system. it was never my intention to go on a water fast. from the start of this concept, i intended to go on a juice fast. i'm not going to go without vital nutrients in order to deprive myself or "deny my body." i know i need those things and i know God would want me to take care of myself, even while seeking His presence in fasting and prayer. i believe this is why so much about juicing has come up around me lately, like in casual conversation and on television.

Fasting info and Benefits of Juice Fasting
Juice Recipes
How to do a 3 day fast
Various articles on fasting at about.com

i hope this helps anyone else who might be interested in the fasting portion of USC. remember, i'm not trying to push the fasting portion on people. if you aren't interested in fasting or aren't able to fast for health reasons, just do the USC as it relates to your living environment. i don't want anyone to be unhealthy because of me.

now i'm going to finish up the chili that didn't fit in the storage containers.
Miss Mina Pink
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