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i'm not trying to push this, really

i'm putting up these links so that i can remember where they are later. anyone who is participating in the fast at the end of april should probably check these out. if you're in the nastyville area and are interested in juicing it, let me know because i should have my juicer by then and i can help you out by making some of these for you. water fasting is not recommended for those who haven't fasted before because it could actually send a person into shock with all the toxins the "western" diet has put in the average adult's system. it was never my intention to go on a water fast. from the start of this concept, i intended to go on a juice fast. i'm not going to go without vital nutrients in order to deprive myself or "deny my body." i know i need those things and i know God would want me to take care of myself, even while seeking His presence in fasting and prayer. i believe this is why so much about juicing has come up around me lately, like in casual conversation and on television.

Fasting info and Benefits of Juice Fasting
Juice Recipes
How to do a 3 day fast
Various articles on fasting at about.com

i hope this helps anyone else who might be interested in the fasting portion of USC. remember, i'm not trying to push the fasting portion on people. if you aren't interested in fasting or aren't able to fast for health reasons, just do the USC as it relates to your living environment. i don't want anyone to be unhealthy because of me.

now i'm going to finish up the chili that didn't fit in the storage containers.
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